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This lesson will help you explore the implications of a run on your personal finances, mental and physical health. Think through the questions below and use the exercise to create a budget to assess the financial impact a run may have on your personal finances.

  • Personal Costs
    • What are the mental and physical health impacts of putting yourself out there?
  • Opportunity Costs
    • What are things you may want to do but can’t because of your campaign?
  • Financial Costs
    • You may need to take time off from your job, dip into your savings, spend money on yourself. These investments will pay off with you making more money in your career.
      • If you don’t have a personal budget, write down your monthly expenses
      • Tally your monthly income
      • Chart a financial plan
      • Consider the salary you’d earn if you are promoted or elected
        • How could you bring in extra income or what expenses could you cut? Think of this as revealing possibilities.

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