Strategies for 2022-2025

Lack of diverse representation in leadership limits the ability to harness the insight, knowledge, and solution-creation for communities statewide. Persistent underrepresentation of women remains a challenge at all levels of public service, from local to federal service – and even more so for women of color, who must overcome both racism and sexism to succeed.

After four years of success as an information source about local and state policy leadership opportunities, and as a network to connect women to opportunities for local and state leadership, SC WIL is poised to increase impact by:

  • Organizing locally for targeted, geographic planning.
  • Preparing and encouraging women to participate in policy leadership.
  • Building racial and gender equity in leadership.
  • Increasing the collective influence of women around South Carolina.

To accomplish these strategies, SC WIL is:

  • Establishing and supporting locally coordinated networks of women dedicated to ground-up leadership.
  • Promoting women’s board awareness and participation at the state level through GAP and at the local level through Circle planning.
  • Readying women for leadership through networking, training, and state and national collaborative partnerships.

Working together, women get things done. Improving gender and racial equality in leadership is crucial to our future. While we have different political beliefs and live in an era of unprecedented polarization, women have demonstrated the ability to identify common goals, collaborate, and work together on key issues to improve communities. SC WIL is dedicated to increasing relationships, alliances, and collaborations to get things done in our state.