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We’ve built a roadmap to election victory for female candidates. Our new, free toolkit will help guide you through the process of running for office with a helpful timeline, resources, tools, and more!

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New Online Leadership Courses

Learn tricks of the trade with SC WIL’s new online self-paced training courses.

Serve On A Board

WIL built and maintains the only comprehensive statewide roster of open seats on appointed public boards and commissions at the municipal, county, and state levels.

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Run for Office

WIL encourages qualified women to run for office at all levels of government or become engaged in helping with a woman candidate’s campaign.

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Our Efforts

We are a multi-partisan, multi-racial alliance of women with a mission to move South Carolina forward socially, economically, educationally, and environmentally by sharing information, making connections, and encouraging engagement in local and state leadership opportunities.

Ensure Fair Voting

The voting process must be transparent, with no unnecessary barriers. To help achieve this crucial part of our democratic process, we focus on the areas of redistricting, voting technology, and vote verification.

Fill the Pipeline

Did you know that SC ranks a dismal 47th among the 50 states in the number of women in elected office? Since 2018, we’ve been working to encourage and support more women running for public office.

Reduce Polarization

Political polarization is increasingly intense. We believe that cooperation and respectful conversations can help decrease partisan tensions and that elevating more women in Congress will increase democratic legitimacy and simple justice.

Upcoming Events

Office Hours: Local Boards 101

In this workshop, we’ll delve into the role boards and commissions play in local government, how they function, and the types of boards you can expect to find. Plus, we’ll reveal what the appointment process is like, how to apply, and your next steps.

Meet Our Founders

Eve Moredock Stacey

Beth Bernstein

Tameika Isaac Devine

Jean Cecil Frick

Beth Maris

Beth Maris

Stephanie O’Cain

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