SC Women in Leadership would not exist but for the commitment of our 100 founders, women and men who believe that through consensus and involvement, we can build a better South Carolina.

Holly Saleeby Atkins **Vanessa EnglishKathy Randall
Stacey Atkinson**Lilly Filler*Sue Smith Rex*
Sara Ballard***Jean Cecil FrickBeth Richardson*
Barbara Barton**Anita GarrettMatthew Richardson
Mary Baskin-Waters*†Felicia Goins*Vicki Ringer
Tina BelgeLindsey Spires GriffinBeth Ann Rocheleau
Steve Benjamin***Mandy HalloranJennifer Rubin
Rep Beth Bernstein**Tina HerbertLinda Salane***
Charlotte Berry*Jennie JohnsonLila Anna Sauls
Sally Boyd*Marion KellySandra Senn
Mary Beth Sims Branham***Lou Kennedy**Susie Shannon
Mike Brenan****Linda Ketner**Jamie Shuster*
Stacey Brennan**Francie Kleckley**Nekki Shutt**
Sarena Burch**Lasenta Lewis-Ellis*Louise Slater
Lee Bussell, Sr.*†Allison Dean LoveThessa Smith
Teri Callen***Julie Lumpkin**Diane Smock
Catherine CanteyIsabelle MandellAnne Spence**
Rita Caughman*†Mike Mann**Eve Moredock Stacey**†
Betsy Choate****Beth MarisJenna Stephens
Mignon Clyburn*Alice McCrory*Tina Stevens**
Charmaine ClowneyRaven McCroryDiana Stevenson**
Lady June Cole**Sandy McGuckin**Ann Marie Stieritz
Jan CollinsLoretta Felder McKelvey, DDS*Diane E. Sumpter**
Erin Cook***Jodie McLean**The Riley Institute*
Darra Cothran*Sara Middleton**Kelly Toney**
Rosemarie CraigLeona Moten*JoAnn Turnquist**
ElizaBeth Cronk-HorchDr. Timothy MousseauLaura Valleni**
Liz Crum**Melanie Murphy**Anne Walker
Maressa CuencaStephanie O’CainJenna Wallace
Tina Cundari**Anne Wolfe PosticMichelle Wang
Tameika Devine*Heather Robinson PriceMichelle Wheeler**
Linda DolnyBarbara Rackes***Carrington Wingard**
Sue Doran*Marie-Louise Ramsdale*
*Sustaining Founders who have renewed their pledge through 2020**Sustaining Founders who have renewed their pledge through 2021***Sustaining Founders who have renewed their pledge through 2022
† Supporting through the Suzan D. Boyd Fund

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