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The South Carolina Women’s Leadership Network (SCWIL) respects the privacy of its visitors and donors. It also protects the gifts of its supporters in a manner that engenders confidence. The following Terms and Privacy statements apply to all contacts received through this website:

Information Gathered

The South Carolina Women’s Leadership Network (SCWIL) gathers information about you in order to assess the interests of our current and prospective supporters and offer compelling and easily accessible online content while providing personal privacy protection.

We will never make your name or address available to any other companies or agencies.

Website Visitors and Newsletter Subscribers

The South Carolina Women’s Leadership Network (SCWIL) asks for information about you in order to provide useful and easily accessible content. We will never sell or make available your name or personally-identifiable information to third parties. It catalogs traffic patterns within the site through non-invasive click-through tracking.

Business Relationships

The South Carolina Women’s Leadership Network (SCWIL) website links to other websites. It is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites. Partners who linked from our site may collect information about you when you view or click on their link or content. SCWIL has no control over this data collection (we do not benefit from it or have access to it). You should contact specific partners or content providers directly if you have any questions about their privacy policies.

Opt-In, Opt-Out Features

SCWIL puts control over communications directed to you where it belongs, in your hands. When we offer free news via email to visitors who sign up for them, we allow subscribers to opt out at any time. Each newsletter has your e-mail address stamped on it with simple instructions on how to unsubscribe that address from our newsletter list.