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Thinking of running for elected office?

If you agree it’s time for women’s perspectives to be represented equally in the 2,000 plus elected seats available across South Carolina, then this self-paced course on running for elected office is for you!

Running for office can be a daunting endeavor for anyone, but women face unique challenges. From gendered expectations and scrutiny, to balancing family responsibilities, female candidates must navigate additional obstacles. 

This online course will prepare you to know if running for elected office is right for you and how to overcome unique challenges faced by women in leadership. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to run for an elected office.

Why should women run for political office?

Inspiration for the Next Generation: When young girls see women taking the lead and actively participating in the political process, it sends a powerful message–that their voices and aspirations are valid and that they, too, can aspire to positions of power and influence.

Affect Change and Equality for Women: When women run for office, they bring unique perspectives, experiences, and priorities to the table. Women often take a collaborative approach to solving collective issues. Having more women in leadership leads to more women-friendly policies that focus on family, children, and healthcare.

SC Women in Leadership Supports Women for Elected Office!

SC Women in Leadership (SC WIL) is here to support women into leadership positions in elected office, appointed office, and as campaign volunteers. Running for office is not a solo endeavor and when you join this online course, you are also gaining access to a support system to help you succeed. 

Learn more about our efforts to fill the pipeline with women leaders through our More in 2024 initiative

Elected Office Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Still Deciding?

We’ll challenge your preconceptions of what elected office is supposed to be and provide you with tools for managing your time and budget.

Module 2: Getting Started

Determine which elected role is the best fit for you and begin to build your network along with your winning campaign team.

Module 3: Messaging and the Media

Connect with your why to build a strong core message, and become a pro at managing your message through online and media appearances.

*Italics denote lessons that are coming soon*

Module 4: Finance and Fundraising

From sources of funding to campaign allowances, you can’t run without money! Our tips and tactics for campaign fundraising can help break it down.

  • Lesson: Finance and Compliance
  • Lesson: Fundraising

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