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Female candidates have told us again and again that during their first campaign, they had a desire to fix something they saw was broken in our government but had no idea where to start with running their campaign. The SC WIL campaign activation toolkit will help guide you through the process.

At this point, you have probably been considering running for office for a while. We know women don’t just wake up one day ready to run. You may be feeling overwhelmed by all you need to plan and do. You’re not alone.

We’ve built a roadmap to election victory for female candidates. It includes a timeline to walk you through what you should do when, and information, training, tracking tools, graphic design templates, resources, and more to implement every aspect of your campaign. The timeline is based on a November election date, but you can adjust or consolidate for primary, special, or municipal elections.

The campaign activation toolkit is a free tool for female candidates. Please register to receive a password to access the toolkit contents. 

If you have already completed the form and have the password, go directly to the toolkit here.

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