SC Women in Leadership (SC WIL) is a state-wide, multi-partisan group of women and men working together across differences to move South Carolina forward by informing, inspiring, and involving women in leadership. SC WIL believes that as talented women with diverse and inclusive backgrounds step up to lead and to govern, gender and racial equality, as well as community equity can at last become a reality. SC WIL’s vision is for women to be equally represented at every level of leadership including elected office, appointed government boards and commissions, and as active volunteers and advocates in the community.

Organized in 2018, SC WIL participants have been working together with women and men across the state to identify and engage talented women with diverse and inclusive backgrounds to lead and govern. To meet our mission – inform, connect, and engage women to and with leadership – the SC Women’s Leadership Network:

  • Offers up-to-date, reliable resources for women about local and statewide opportunities to run for office and/or support those who do.
  • Provides information for women about opportunities to apply for local and statewide positions on boards and commissions.
  • Connects women across the state in geographic and professional networks that encourage women to identify and promote more women into leadership.
  • Collaborates with allied organizations which share our mission of developing the skills, confidence, and knowhow of less-served communities across the state and nationally to promote gender equality, racial equality, and community equity.

SC WIL is a 501C(3) non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors and underwritten by 100 Founders, corporate and granting organizations, and individuals dedicated to building a better future for their daughters and granddaughters.

NOTE: SC WIL does not endorse particular views, legislation, or candidates for public office.