What is The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)?

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The ERA is an amendment to the United States Constitution that would guarantee women the same rights under law as men. Currently, 80% of Americans believe women already have these rights, but that’s incorrect.

The only right that women currently have written into the Constitution is the right to vote. That’s it.

Implementation of the ERA would anchor women’s rights within the Constitution, the governing text of our land. The wording would be simple and not open to legislative or judicial interpretation. The protection would be universal throughout the United States.

Supporters of an ERA began their quest back in 1923, when the first version of the Equal Rights Amendment was written. It picked up significant steam in the ‘60s, eventually passing the U.S. House of Representatives in 1971 and the Senate in 1972. It then moved to state legislatures for ratification, where it stalled. In February 2020, Virginia became the 38th state needed for ratification, thereby finally satisfying the state count needed for an amendment to become law.

Where Do Things Stand Now?

Today, there are still a few administrative and legislative hurdles that need to be cleared before we are successful. There is action on both fronts to get that done. Want to get involved? Although South Carolina is no longer needed to fulfill the necessary state count, equality in the Palmetto State is worth pursuing, and the conversation about equality is important to have. Go to EqualMeansERA.org, and join the cause!