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Top UN Woman Urges Muslims: Move Taliban into 21st Century

The highest-ranking woman at the United Nations said Wednesday she used everything in her “toolbox” during meetings with Taliban ministers to try to reverse their crackdown on Afghan women and girls, and she urged Muslim…


Women Get ‘Nicer’ Feedback – And It Holds Them Back

Constructive feedback is essential for anyone’s growth. But as a manager, it can be challenging to strike a fair, consistent balance between being candid and considerate when giving that feedback to different team members. Specifically, in our recent research, we…


Battling Sexism Is Part of Jacinda Ardern’s Legacy

As one of just a handful of female world leaders, Jacinda Ardern was dogged by sexist and ageist remarks from reporters, online commentators and fellow politicians during her time as New Zealand’s prime minister. She…