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SC Women Making History: Leadership, Careers, and Life Lessons

Originally published by Bette Jamison for SC ETV

March is Women’s History Month! Take a look at South Carolina women who are making history in a variety of careers, exhibiting skilled leadership and providing valuable advice on learning, careers and life! 

Introduce your students to Women Vision SC honorees who advocate caring for oneself, being genuine, setting goals, and developing a strong work ethic as they excel at innovative work that impacts their communities and beyond.

Meet Lou Kennedy, president, CEO and owner of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation – “Put your whole self into it. And I believe when you do that, if you have your mind in the right place to achieve the goals that you want and you push as hard as you can, you’re unstoppable.”

Meet Keisha Hawes, PreK teacher, actor, voice-over artist, youth pastor, and community volunteer – “Start making your health a priority to ensure a long, lengthy quality type of life. Make yourself a priority.”

Meet Malissa Burnette, award-winning attorney and advocate for equal rights for all – “Be true to yourself, be genuine. Don’t worry about others’ expectations of you because that will just cause a great deal of stress. Try to figure out who you are and go that way.”

Meet Dr. Shaniece Criss, an assistant professor of Health Science at Furman University – “The world will tell you what success looks like, but truly success looks differently for different people.”

These outstanding women and 18 more are part of South Carolina ETV’s Women Vision SC initiative which was launched to mark the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. With a focus on issues affecting women throughout the state and nation, the initiative served as a platform to highlight trailblazing South Carolina women who have made an impact. Access the series’ short segments via our KnowItAll.org website, a multimedia resource library for teachers to utilize in their classroom lessons. 

These short segments are also part of our ETV LEARN Women Vision SC: Changes, Careers & Leadership courses. The two 20-renewal credit courses, approved by the SC Department of Education and provided by ETV Education, feature Women Vision SC initiative multimedia resources, additional discussions with women leaders and special programs about the lives and careers of other South Carolina women, both past and present. The lessons examine the changing role of women, provide insights into career pathways as well as relate helpful career advice, and inspire as we learn about the character, leadership and achievements of many outstanding women. For more course information including session start dates, visit this page or call 1-888-761-8132.

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