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Proposed Bill Would Allow Use of Campaign Funds for Childcare

Originally published by Steven Ardary for Live 5 News

One South Carolina representative is pushing for a change in how campaign funds can be used to help more women run for public office.

State Rep. Spencer Wetmore is proposing a bill that would allow the use of campaign funds for childcare.

“As a mom, I have seen first-hand how hard it is to juggle campaigning and family responsibilities, and I know it is an obstacle for many people who might otherwise want to run for office” Wetmore said.

The House Ethics Committee in February issued an advisory opinion allowing candidates to use campaign funds for childcare related to campaign or office duties.

Wetmore’s bill would expand that opinion to other levels of government.

“At its core, this bill is about breaking down financial barriers that prevent talented, hardworking people from all backgrounds from participating in the political process. We lose out on talented people every year because they do not know how they will afford child care while they are campaigning,” Wetmore said.

Currently, 30 other states allow campaign funds to be used for childcare expenses.

Wetmore says women with young children only make up 2% of the state’s legislature.

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