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Let go of your preconceptions of what an elected official is supposed to be

  • You DO NOT have to be: Ivy League-educated, lawyer, graduate degree, wealthy, have a standing tee time at your local country club
  • An elected official can come from any background:
    • Educators, farmers, ranchers, doctors/dentists/veterinarians, military reserve/National Guard, social workers, ministers,  engineers, radio talk show hosts, car dealership owners, law enforcement/first responders, nurses, Peace Corps volunteers, scientists, veterans, moms, small business owners, retirees
  • All of these people should have their voices heard. Varied professional backgrounds and experiences are assets, not liabilities. Your experience is your expertise.
  • Requirements are different from qualifications

“Leadership is a combination of innate traits that you’re born with and experiences you gain along the way. That is what shapes you as a leader.”

Michele Buck