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How Female Founders Are Supporting Women In Ukraine During The War

After months of the war, the most recent reports show more than 5,300 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, and over 7,000 are injured. Further, more than half of Ukrainian children have been displaced.

These tragedies have united people to support those suffering near the battlefront. Jon Younger writes, “We’ve seen an extraordinary outpouring of assistance supporting Ukraine. Amid pictures of broken streets and roofless buildings, Ukrainian’s courage in defense of their country has energized the world.”

Women have been a particularly great force for the good of the Ukrainian people. They have found diverse ways to use their creativity and resources to support those in desperate need. May their examples inspire everyone to do the same.

Supporting through Donations

CEO and Founder Oksana Pali grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine. When she was 17 years old, she moved to the United States.

“It was my mother who was brave enough to leave the former USSR with two daughters,” Pali says. “She knew times may not get better. After all, Ukraine has endured generations of oppression from Russia. I didn’t speak any English, and it was a difficult adjustment for me. I often cried myself to sleep for the first few weeks after we moved, dreaming of returning home to my beautiful Ukraine.”

After teaching herself English, Pali received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During college, she took photography classes on the side, where she discovered her talent and eye for the arts.

Pali began working with small inbound portrait projects until her business, the Oksana Pali company, evolved into a multi-platform with the addition of services like personal branding and fine arts. Pali also used her newfound skills to create the Oksana Pali Foundation, which is currently focused on helping rebuild and aid Ukraine.

“My personal life has faced a great challenge since the invasion of Ukraine, and this has taken an emotional toll on myself and my family,” says Pali. “While it has made it difficult for me to focus while my home country and loved ones are hurting, it has also given me the strength and inspiration to create my latest project in hopes of helping them rebuild all that has been broken.”

“With my fine arts project to benefit Ukraine, I have created art pieces of flora in multiple settings to be sold with portions going to benefit its salvation in such trying times. The pieces are solo visions of different flower species in ethereal, close-up, levitating, and freedom-styled environments. The initial inspiration for this project came from the national flower of Ukraine, the sunflower, which you can find featured in multiple pieces. I believe this tie to the sunflower and its symbolism will also help manifest the dream of brighter days for Ukraine and the entire planet.”


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