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“Don’t Ask For Permission” And Other Career Advice From Women Leaders Who’ve Been There

We know that career success is not just a matter of hard work — it’s an amalgam that also includes good timing, help from our network, and knowing when to play by the rules and when to rewrite the rules. Sometimes we need guidance and support. Other times we need the inside scoop and an important call placed to the right person on our behalf.

That’s where mentors come in — experienced professionals who have been there, done that, and who are ready to pay it forward and help someone else advance in their journey. Two Baltimore area leaders Dawn Moore, philanthropist and community organizer, and Stacey Ullrich, VP of communications and marketing at Baltimore Gas and Electric, gathered to discuss mentoring and careers. Moore and Ullrich, both advisory board members to iMentor Baltimore, part of national mentoring organization iMentor, had this advice to share with young people. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

1. Find your mentors.

“I have definitely recognized the impact that mentoring has had in my life, but It’s only been recently that I have really understood the power of mentorship in such a transformational way. I don’t deny my own skills or talent, but I do believe sometimes our lack of being able to separate ourselves from a situation or from an experience or emotion sometimes can cloud our judgment. Having somebody alongside you to navigate those minefields or just to say ‘Am I reading the room correctly?’ has really allowed me to understand the true impact that a mentor can have, either formal or informal.” — Ullrich

“At their core, mentors really are helpers. And that’s how the mentorship that I’ve received in my life has helped me navigate the professional and personal world. If you look around and you just ask, they will be there. Some mentors will be there for a lifetime, some for a season, some for a moment. But each person that comes into your life to help really can help you move to the place that you’re trying to get to.” — Moore


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