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Imagine the excitement that filled my heart when I passed my teacher test and landed a teaching job in a rural South Carolina county! But, I quickly found that my real-life teaching experience was going to be totally different from my personal education experience. My eyes were opened to South Carolina’s educational inequalities that I hadn’t seen growing up in Blythewood attending Richland 2 schools and hadn’t learned about it in any college classes. 

As I think back on my years as a student, I remember many women teachers, but I don’t remember seeing any women serving on school boards. It sent a message that women are not fit to lead in this capacity. As for me, in 2023, representation matters.  

The education landscape has changed drastically from focusing on student outcomes to school board clashes, political wars, teacher shortages, and more. As I thought about the future of education in my area, which also impacts the overall long-term success of the community at large, I could no longer sit back and continue to watch the constant negative narratives. I owed it to students, teachers and school staff, taxpayers, and myself to take a stand for the future of education. 

I took action and entered the race for school board trustee. My professional background includes teaching, coaching, mentoring, and training other educators, all of which were instrumental in my decision to run for school board. I vowed to bring civility back to our local school board, refocus the narrative to impacting student outcomes, improving employee retention, and building strong partnerships within our district. I am proud to have been elected to serve.

Tamika Washington

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