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K. Hope Creative Founder Kim Bowman got her start at a small women’s magazine in Columbus, Ohio, later helped launch a lifestyle publication in Columbia, SC, and eventually pivoted to the non-profit sector, where she passionately joined the founding team of a children’s museum. This opened doors to leadership roles in education sectors, where she built brands, developed rare programs, and curated innovative economic development strategies.

She followed a calling to return to her creative origins once more and launched K. Hope Creative in 2017.

Always a reporter at heart, Kim is captivated by people’s stories. This captivation allows her to connect and collaborate to create compelling, confident brands with staying power. Kim’s interests are broad but her instincts often lead toward women-owned businesses and women-led organizations, especially in the lifestyle sector.

Kim is married to Matt Manelli. Together, they are parents to “The Amazing Six,” also known as Chip, Chad, Catie Beth, Stephanie, Matthew, and Michael.

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