How Are You, Really?: Living Your Truth One Answer at a Time by Jenna Kutcher

Available in the Richland Library collection in print format.

The truth is, we lie. We lie to ourselves about how we’re really feeling and what we really  want. Not anymore. 

In How Are You, Really?, Jenna Kutcher teaches how to harness your power to take control  of your life. You deserve more – and deep down, you know it. If, when you get really honest  with yourself, you discover that you want more out of your life: more joy, more passion, more  fulfillment, and more peace? This book is for you. 

In today’s chaotic world, sometimes you might wake up and not feel like yourself anymore,  and you don’t even know how you are… REALLY. You’re trying to balance it all: your family,  your work, and your goals, but your emotions are all over the place and you don’t feel as  confident and happy as you thought you would. 

This book is a guide to reframing your entire life and finally finding your own sense of joy and  fulfillment in a world telling you who to be. It’s about understanding what’s going on in your  head and finding your way back to a life that is truly your own. 

Your expert guide is Jenna Kutcher, who started from working a day job at Target to building  an empire while living in a small town in Minnesota as a mom. In her inspirational debut book,  she shares how she struggled with these same issues to find her identity and balance in  launching a business, raising a family, and, eventually, starting her popular podcast The Goal  Digger. 

Join the millions of people who count on Jenna’s life and business advice every week  because of her authentic example and deep understanding of how women think and strive  to achieve their dreams. It’s time to ask yourself the question you’ve been avoiding: How are  you, really? It’s time to find your answer, and start living. 

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