Everyday is Election Day by Rebecca Sive

Published 2013

Available in the Richland Library collection in print format. 

A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House

With expert guidance and abundant resources, this practical and inspirational guide is for women at all stages of life who want to seek and win public leadership and public office at any level. According to research, women considering leadership positions or running for elected office are more inhibited than men by family concerns and by a lack of confidence, and speaking directly to these issues, this book offers pragmatic advice and strategies for women’s daily lives as advocates, candidates, and powerbrokers and shares the true-life stories, secrets of success, and frank suggestions of women who have led, run, and won. This handy reference teaches women how to surmount public barriers, conquer private fears, and run a winning campaign–be it for a PTA position, board president, U.S. senator, or beyond–with joy, humor, confidence, and no apologies. ~From the Publisher 

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