Future Women Leaders

My school hasn’t done a single thing for Women’s History Month

Recognition of celebratory months at schools, like Women’s History Month, Black History Month and others, should recognize all cultures, religions, and genders so that some kids don’t feel as if they are any lesser or more superior.

It’s Lonely at the Top for Female Leaders

Women, especially women of color, are less likely to feel included and taken seriously as they enter leadership roles, a new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found.

The Pandemic Hit Women Hard.  Here’s What Leaders Must Do Next

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last two years. For some, the pandemic has opened the door to long overdue conversations about navigating work and life and achieving balance for a life well-lived. But the pandemic and its economic fallout are having a devastating effect on gender equality — setting society back decades.

U.S. Is Behind on Gender Equality, New Report Finds

The U.S. ranks 38th in the world on the newly released 2022 SDG Gender Index, which tracks the empowerment of women and girls across a variety of metrics — from health to education to workplace rights. The report looks at pre-COVID data, and its authors warn that the picture for women and girls is even worse today.

The Crucial Link Between Women’s Leadership and More Diverse Boards

Deloitte Global in collaboration with The 30% Club today released the seventh edition of Women in the boardroom: A global perspective. The latest edition of the report finds that women hold just 19.7% of board seats globally, a 2.8% increase from the report’s last edition, published in 2019. At this pace, the world could expect to reach near-parity in 2045 as compared to 2052 as predicted in the previous edition.