Do we choose our legislators or do they choose us?

Redistricting is the process of drawing boundaries for electoral and political districts in the U.S. and is usually done every ten years after the census. Learn more about the process in this video with Lawson Wetli, President, League of Women Voters of Greenville County.

Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell is is the president of Boudreaux, an innovative and successful architectural firm in Columbia, South Carolina. She inspires women by displaying unwavering and strong qualities, in and out of her profession. 

Kim Wilkerson Kim Wilkerson leads Bank of America for the State of South Carolina as the SC Market President & Managing Director. During her tenure, Bank of America has achieved 99% pay equity for women – just one of many improvements she’s worked to bring about. 

Karen Alexander Karen Alexander is the founder of The Auntie Karen Foundation, a global non profit that focuses on creating and implementing a series of reproducible community outreach programs designed to empower enlighten and educate through the arts.