Fair Voting

ACT NOW for S.C. Redistricting

The S.C. House Redistricting Committee has scheduled public hearings across the state. Attend the meeting in your area to tell your Representative redistricting is important to you.

Listen Up! NEW WIL Learn podcast episode

In this episode, Emily Geiger Smith, author of Thank You for Voting: the Maddening, Enlightening, Inspiring Truth About Voting in America, and David Daley, author of Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy, share their thoughts on the future of our democracy and their perspectives as to whether we are bending towards justice.

Finding Common Ground Series

In the latest video in the series, S.C. Representative Beth Bernstein (D) and S.C. Representative Mandy Kimmons (R) talk about working together to get the first ever Hate Crimes bill passed in the S.C. House and their advice on how to debate about differences and still get the work done.