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Please use the button below to submit a question about voting in South Carolina in the upcoming November election. Questions will be answered in the SC Women in Leadership Your Vote is Your Voice Q&A of the Day by our panel of voting experts featured in the Your Vote is Your Voice video.

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Your vote is your power to make a difference in your own life, in your community, your state and your nation! Watch the short video below to learn:

  • The importance of voter turn-out among women, black, brown, rural and young communities, with Lauren Harper, CEO of CityBright, 
  • Why your vote is critical in defending our democracy with Lynn Teague, Vice President of Issues and Action for the League of Women Voters of SC
  • Ins and outs of absentee voting in South Carolina for the November 2020 election, with Eleanor Davis Pierel, Research Assistant at SC WIL and PhD Candidate at University of SC 


Dynamic Voting Guide

Voting in South Carolina is anything but predictable. Whether through legislation or adjudication, the requirements for voting continue to change at a rapid pace. We are tracking all of the current changes here. Whether it’s absentee voting via mail, early voting in-person or voting on Election Day, we are making sure you’re up-to-date.

Female Candidate Database

We maintain the only comprehensive female candidate database in the state. In 2020, South Carolina will vote on one United States Senator, all seven United States House Representatives, all members in both chambers of the South Carolina State House, and many school board and County offices. To elect more women, you have to know about them, and this database will provide you with information on the more than 460 women running for elected office across the state.

Why Voting Matters 

Women’s health, clean air and water, and hurricane evacuations are just a few of the areas where your vote matters. Learn more about how the people you elect impact you, your family, and your community.

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