Defining Wealth for Women by Bonnie Koo

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From the outside, you have it all: the advanced degree and fulfilling career, the loving family and nice home. But inside, it’s a different story. Student loans and credit card debt still follow you around, and living paycheck to paycheck feels like you’ve missed an important memo only your financially free counterparts received.

You’re relying on the next promotion and big raise to feel better about your finances, but what if making more money isn’t the solution you need? What if you could have all the money you want with a few simple adjustments?

Changing your financial status—like many things in life—is mind over matter: The way you think about money impacts the amount of money you have.

In Defining Wealth for WomenBonnie Koo, MD, shows you why everything you’ve ever learned about money is probably wrong. She reveals the common misconceptions and limiting beliefs that many professional women have when it comes to money, helping you see what’s possible when you break through the self-imposed ceiling. Even if you’ve never struggled with finances, this book helps you take your financial status to the next level and make your money work for you.

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