“If Women Are Better Leaders Why Aren’t More of Them Leaders?”

The title of this article caught me by surprise. One more polarizing attack? A serious question?

In fact, the article is based on a lot of research on leadership and concludes that while we suggest leaders be chosen based on competence, which tends to translate into having more technical expertise, intelligence, people-skills, and integrity, in fact, most leaders are chosen because they are confident, charismatic, politically astute (to the point of being manipulative), and self-focused (to the point of being narcissistic).

This is obviously unfortunate. Effective leaders cause high levels of engagement, morale, productivity, performance, revenues, and profits — which enables their teams to outperform rivals. Incompetent leaders cause high levels of burnout, anxiety, turnover, stress, and fear. Sadly, the latter is much more common than the former.

Best leaders keep narcissim in check. People who worry about their reputations have very few scandals. According to Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in Psychology Today, that suggests that many more women are suited to leading roles.

“Not knowing your limitations makes you more likely to become a boss.” Need to open our eyes and choose our leaders on more than gut. Check out the full TED talk on YouTube today.