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Which Fictional Woman Should Run for Office?

With less than 11 months until Super Tuesday, national nonprofit She Should Run is determined to help Americans encourage the amazing women they know to consider elected leadership.

On the heels of the organization’s ‘Group Chat Issues’ Report which amplified that the most powerful way to motivate a woman to run for office is to have someone in her circle encourage her directly, their new quiz “Which fictional woman should run for office?” connects the characteristics seen in elected leaders to everyday women.

“One of the most common things we heard in our research was that people are intimidated by the idea of defining who makes a good leader,” said She Should Run Founder and CEO, Erin Loos Cutraro. “This quiz is a fun, interactive way to educate people on who they need to be encouraging. It’s our job to connect the dots and help eliminate any confusion about the amazing diversity of thought and experience that women can bring to politics.”

Gender equality is essential to the health and potential of societies. It is key to empowering the full potential of younger generations. Yet, in the United States, women represent fewer than one third of elected leaders. Since its founding, She Should Run has encouraged nearly 40,000 women to explore their leadership potential with its signature curriculum and community. Despite this achievement, the momentum needed to achieve equal representation has remained shockingly slow.

Through a robust community, She Should Run offers simple actions women can take: workshops, courses, resources, and networking – all meant for the woman who wants to show up for her community but who isn’t ready to commit to a run for office. To learn more and take the quiz, visit sheshouldrun.org/which-fictional-woman-should-run/

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