Tips for Testifying

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Thank you for using your voice to participate in the redistricting process.  Here are some tips for testifying shared from The League of Women Voters, The SC NAACP, redistricting expert John Rouff and attorney Shaundra Scott. 

  1. Be specific with your commentary by giving your district information.
  2. Plan to be short and concise in your comments. You will likely have 3 minutes max.
  3. Specific is better. Drill down to neighborhoods, streets, school districts. 
  4. Avoid any personal attacks on specific committee members. 
  5. Use your personal perspectives. For example: 

“I voted in __ district last year but didn’t have any choices because there was only one candidate. How can my district become more competitive.”

“I’ve called and emailed my representative but have not heard back about __ because they don’t need my vote.”

“I am concerned about flooding issues on __ street but because our district is so big, those concerns are not addressed.” 

“I want __ criteria to be a priority in the upcoming redistricting process.” 

I am a student at __ and the lines should not be drawn to break up our votes.” 

And finally–

Do not be intimidated. You belong there! Your voice will be a part of the public record. If any of the maps end up in court, there will be testimony about the concerns of the public. 

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