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SC State Senator Tameika Isaac Devine Sworn Into Office

The swearing-in ceremony for State Senator-elect Tameika Isaac Devine happened at 4 p.m. Monday. The ceremony took place in the Senate chamber on the second floor of the State House with Chief Justice Beatty officiating.


Liz Cheney Considers Third-Party White House Bid

Originally published by Kate Brennan for The Story Exchange Former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is weighing the possibility of running for president as a third-party candidate. Cheney discussed her tentative plans with…


Life on the Campaign Trail, with Kids

When Patricia Jehlen first ran for school committee in Somerville, Massachusetts in the mid-1970s, she got lucky. She had a friend who ran a daycare out of her house, who offered to look after Jehlen’s two small children while she campaigned. Her husband worked full-time, and she needed to knock on thousands of doors to secure her seat, making child care a necessity.


This Is How Black Women Leaders Do Not Survive

OPINION: Former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation is now a reminder of the irreconcilability of successful Black womanhood with powerful, wealthy and predominantly white institutions.


Democracy and Women’s Rights in 2024

Research shows that where women have greater political representation, governments are more likely to support reproductive rights.


SC’s State Senate Will Now Have Six Women

South Carolina’s state Senate will now have six women. On Tuesday, voters in state Senate District 19 elected Columbia Democrat Tameika Isaac Devine to complete the final year of the late John Scott’s term in the overwhelmingly Democratic district.


A Pregnant Lawmaker Couldn’t Vote Remotely.  So, She Changed the Law

The bill co-sponsored by the Prince George’s lawmaker this fall was straightforward: a procedural change that would allow County Council members to vote virtually if they are experiencing illness, parental leave or “a significant or unexpected factor or event” outside their control.