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Women in Politics in South Carolina

SC WIL Founder and CEO, Barbara Rackes, joins WTLX to discuss the women of the South Carolina Senate and the Supreme Court.


Could California’s Next Governor Be Female?

California women have shattered some significant glass ceilings. But alongside all those famous firsts are some lingering imbalances in the state’s power structure.


How South Carolina Ended Up With an All-Male Supreme Court

An abortion ban struck down. The lone female justice retiring. And a majority-male legislature rallying behind the one male candidate to replace her. This is how South Carolina ended up with an all-male Supreme Court as new abortion legislation looms.


Which Fictional Woman Should Run for Office?

With less than 11 months until Super Tuesday, national nonprofit She Should Run is determined to help Americans encourage the amazing women they know to consider elected leadership. On the heels of the organization’s …