Are Working Fathers Getting ‘Daddy Tracked’?

“Can’t your wife do that?” “I always put my career first, and my family turned out fine.” “Must be nice to go home early.” (Said to a father after he said he was leaving to take care of his sick child.) These are all real statements that managers have said to men seeking to be more present in their families’ lives.


Remembering My Mother: Susan Catania, Champion of the ERA

Beholden to no one, former state legislator Susan Catania was known for her willingness to take stances unpopular at the time—from LGBTQ rights, to gun control, to honoring Martin Luther King with his own state holiday.


Liz Cheney Considers Third-Party White House Bid

Originally published by Kate Brennan for The Story Exchange Former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is weighing the possibility of running for president as a third-party candidate. Cheney discussed her tentative plans with…

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South Carolina Women Struggle to Get Seat at Table in Legislature

Originally published by Claire Carter for Carolina News and Reporter Women make up 51.3% of South Carolina’s population. But they’re only 14.7% of the state’s legislators. Across the country, state legislatures tend to…