It’s Not the ‘Glass Ceiling’ Holding Women Back

The struggle women face landing senior leadership roles in corporate America is commonly blamed on the "glass ceiling" — the metaphorical gender barrier that blocked their ascent to the highest levels of management. Yet new research indicates that the problems for women in the workforce begin far lower down the professional ladder.


30 Criticisms That Hold Women Leaders Back

Originally published by Lauryn Higgins for SheKnows While women have been making strides in the fight for gender equity and equality in the workplace for decades, they still continue…


The Decade-Long Journey to End Pregnancy Discrimination

In 2012, Dina Bakst and other representatives from A Better Balance, a nonprofit that advocates for gender equity in the workplace, met with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to discuss how to best craft the first version of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.


More Women in Workforce than Ever

Originally Published by Alicia Wallace for CNN The labor force participation rate for women in their prime working age hit an all-time high in June, reaching 77.8%, according to Bureau of…