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SC State Senator Tameika Isaac Devine Sworn Into Office

The swearing-in ceremony for State Senator-elect Tameika Isaac Devine happened at 4 p.m. Monday. The ceremony took place in the Senate chamber on the second floor of the State House with Chief Justice Beatty officiating.


Women Candidates and the Race for Big Money

Originally published by NPR A woman has never been president. Hillary Clinton has come the closest, but that highest, hardest glass ceiling is still intact. Now Republican Nikki Haley wants to…


Misogyny Still Rules on Ballot: Women Candidates Face Extra Hurdles

The grit it takes to run for elected office is something voters rarely understand unless they’ve experienced it personally. On top of the incredible time commitment and sheer endurance, women candidates also face gender bias that is unwarranted, unjust and often downright painful.


An Off-Cycle Election Brings Big Wins For Women

Tuesday might have counted as an “off-cycle” election day—meaning we didn’t vote in a general election for president or even on Congressional midterm races—but it nonetheless turned into a big night for women.