Carearing Podcast Launches to Help Female Leaders Navigate Work and Life Goals Successfully


Laurie Halter, owner of boutique public relations agency Charisma! Communications, announces the launch of her podcast, Carearing, with the first episode dropping January 13, 2020. With Halter as the host, Carearing will explore the relationship between leading females in executive roles across industries and how they balance their work lives with family responsibilities and personal goals.
“This is such an amazing time to be a female in business. Everywhere you look you see women shattering glass ceilings. But while it’s encouraging and exciting and daring of these women, let’s be honest, it’s also difficult. I started this podcast as a way to explore how these rock star women are “rearing” the two loves of their lives at the same time: work and home,” said Halter. “These women are inspiring and real. Their stories speak to all of our issues as females while we find meaning in work, but also in life. I can’t wait to bring it your way.”Read More>>>