Pathways to Power

Have you ever thought about – or been asked to think about – running for elected or appointed office? Has your first instinct been to say “no” or “not now”? We invite you to imagine what your leadership could contribute and to explore ways you can make that contribution real.
Join us July 21 and August 18 for an exciting new virtual coaching and mentoring workshop. In partnership with She Should Run, SCWIL is hosting a two-part workshop, Pathways to Power to encourage you to develop and implement a personal plan to activate your leadership.
This two-part virtual workshop is a coaching foundation to concretely identify your strengths and a guidebook for using them in your community. Women have been reluctant to run for office or explore other leadership possibilities for a number of complicated personal and systemic reasons. This is your opportunity to explore and plan for ways you can serve and lead.

Session 1: Mapping A Courageous Leadership Journey • Tuesday, July 21 • 12 Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Women will engage in self-discovery and learn strategies to help them identify their strengths and make a plan to activate their leadership potential. Participants will leave the session better able to:

  • Take risks in pursuing their personal leadership journey,
  • Recognize social and personal barriers to their own leadership,
  • Connect their current skill set with political opportunities,
  • Advocate for and support gender parity in leadership and political representation.
  • Determine their individual path to civic engagement.

Session 2: Building Networks • Tuesday, August 18 • 12 Noon – 1:30 p.m.

Women will learn how to get comfortable with networking, maximize the network they already have, and apply those skills to begin asking for donations and assistance in making their candidacy a reality.
Participants will leave the session better able to:

  • Engage current network in the cause of your candidacy,
  • Ask for donations of time and/or money from their current and expanding network,
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to expand their network.
Registration Options:
Both Session 1 & Session 2: $75
ONLY Session 1; $50
ONLY Session 2; $50
Registration includes a hard copy of the book, Path to Parity – How Women Run and Win, along with a button to show your support of SC WIL.
Some scholarships are available. To learn more, contact
SC WIL is committed to including the diverse perspectives and experiences of all women in leadership. Please contact to request assistance with accommodations for disabilities.
Made possible through a gift in honor of Dr. Suzan D. Boyd, a brilliant woman who always cut her own path and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

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