Anderson, City of

The City of Anderson has multiple openings on boards and commissions. If you have specific questions about opportunities, please contact City Clerk Margot Martin, (864) 231-1135, during normal government business hours.

Board/CommissionOpen DateDescriptionApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewVacantAnderson Historical DistrictApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewJun-21Downtown Historical DistrictApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewJun-21Westside Historic DistrictApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewJun-21Architectural & Design FieldApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewJun-21Real Estate Field/ContractorApplication
Board of Architectural ReviewJun-21At-LargeApplication
Board of Zoning AppealsJun-21Construction FieldApplication
Board of Zoning AppealsJun-21Legal FieldApplication
Board of Zoning AppealsJun-21Real Estate FieldApplication
Board of Zoning AppealsJun-21At-LargeApplication
Planning CommissionJun-21District 1Application
Planning CommissionVacantDistrict 2Application
Planning CommissionJun-21District 3Application
Planning CommissionJun-21At-LargeApplication
Planning CommissionJun-21At-LargeApplication
The Housing Authority of AndersonDec-21Application
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