Abbeville County

Abbeville County has multiple openings on boards and commissions. If you have specific questions about opportunities, please contact Clerk to Council Lynn Sopolosky, (864) 366-6690, ext. 2236 or, during normal government business hours.

If you have submitted an application, let us know!

Board/CommissionOpen DateDescriptionApplication
Accommodations Tax CommitteeVacantDistrict 7Application
Accommodations Tax CommitteeVacantDistrict 1Application
Board of Assessment AppealsVacantDistrict 3Application
Board of Assessment AppealsMarch 2023District 7Application
Board of Assessment AppealsVacantDistrict 1Application
Board of Zoning AppealsVacantDistrict 3Application
Commission on Alcohol and Drug AbuseFebruary 2023At-LargeApplication
Library BoardVacantDistrict 3Application
Planning CommissionJun-23
District 5Application
Planning CommissionJun-23District 6Application
Planning CommissionVacantDistrict 2Application
Title III FundsVacantDistrict 7Application
Title III FundsVacantDistrict 2Application
Title III FundsVacantDistrict 1Application
Title III FundsVacantDistrict 3Application
Cornerstone Board of CommissionersFebruary 2022AbbevilleApplication
Cornerstone Board of CommissionersFebruary 2023AbbevilleApplication
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