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Help women run for office as a campaign volunteer.

Are you ready to have more women’s voices heard in policies and issues that affect our communities and families? Do you want to support women who are running for office? Then this course is for you! 

Effective campaign management is the backbone of a successful political campaign. By defining clear goals, developing a comprehensive campaign plan, building a skilled team, utilizing data-driven strategies, crafting compelling messages, implementing fundraising strategies, mobilizing supporters, and remaining adaptable, you can steer your candidate’s campaign towards victory. 

Women can’t run for office alone – in this training track, you’ll learn how to use your experience and expertise to help another woman get elected.

Why should you help women run for political office?

Inspiration for the Next Generation: When young girls see women taking the lead and actively participating in the political process, it sends a powerful message – that their voices and aspirations are valid and that they, too, can aspire to positions of power and influence.

Affect Change and Equality for Women: When women run for office, they bring unique perspectives, experiences, and priorities to the table. Women often take a collaborative approach to solving collective issues. Having more women in leadership leads to more women-friendly policies that focus more on family, children, and healthcare.

SC Women in Leadership Supports Women for Elected Office!

SC Women in Leadership (SC WIL) is here to support women into leadership positions for elected office, appointed office as well as training for candidate support. Running for office is not a solo endeavor and when you join this online course, you will become an essential part of a support system that helps women succeed.

Learn more about our efforts to fill the pipeline of women leaders in our More in 2024 Initiative

Campaign Volunteer Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Getting Started

Help her determine which elected role is the best fit for her, and learn how to be an essential player as a winning campaign team member.

Module 2: Messaging and the Media

Help identify her why and hone her message. These tips will teach you tricks for managing online appearances and navigating the media.

  • Lesson: Developing your Message
  • Lesson: Your Online Presence
  • Lesson: Skeletons in the Closet
  • Lesson: Navigating the Media

Module 3: Finance and Fundraising

Help relieve some of her money-related campaign fears with our tips and tactics for campaign fundraising.

  • Lesson: Finance and Compliance
  • Lesson: Fundraising

*Italics denote lessons that are coming soon*

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