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2 Women, 1 Man Among Finalists for SC Supreme Court

Originally published by Jessica Holdman for South Carolina Daily Gazette A pair of state Appeals Court judges and a Circuit Court judge are among finalists for South Carolina’s next Supreme Court…


The Leadership Legacy Moms Leave Their Children

Mothers have been celebrated for their nurturing spirit and unwavering dedication to their children’s well-being for generations. However, a recent study led by a team of researchers at Georgia State University sheds light on a previously unexplored facet of this influence — the impact of mothers in leadership roles on their children’s leadership development.


Boy Scouts Rebrand As ‘Scouting America’ To Boost Inclusivity

The Boy Scouts of America announced today that it will rebrand itself as Scouting America to be more welcoming. It’s been five years since the organization first admitted girls into their Scouts BSA program, and research indicates that co-ed activities can have more benefits for participants.