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The Supreme Court Seems Bitterly Divided. Two Female Justices Say Otherwise.

The bitter confirmation battle was behind her, and Amy Coney Barrett was the nation’s newest Supreme Court justice — a conservative protégé of the late Antonin Scalia whose antiabortion bona fides helped make her President Donald Trump’s pick to cement a 6-3 supermajority.


Lessons From the Women Leading Today’s Fight for Voting Rights

Last October, Leah Aden made history when she stood at the U.S. Supreme Court lectern to argue against South Carolina’s racially discriminatory congressional map. Aden, a tenacious voting rights and redistricting litigator at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, joined a small but redoubtable handful of Black women attorneys who have advocated before the nation’s high court over the last few decades.


Even the White House Has a Gender Pay Gap

The disparity in Biden’s White House is slightly smaller than it was in Trump’s, but women still earn less. The biggest difference, though, is in their policies.


Equal Pay Day May Be The Saddest Day Of The Year

It’s official. If you’re a woman, today is your last day of work. Take the rest of the year off unless you like working for free. This year, March 12th is Equal Pay Day. Equal Pay Day is not a time for celebration. There will be no cake or Facebook reminders. Nor will anyone receive flowers.


Alabama Passes Law to Protect I.V.F. Treatments

Two major fertility clinics said they were moving to resume treatments quickly, though legal experts cautioned that state constitutional challenges may still arise.