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Igniting the Ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

There are more women in tech roles today than ever before—from coding to the C-suite—and many stories of brilliant women entrepreneurs who advanced quickly. But when you consider that women run 40% of U.S. businesses and fewer than 3% receive venture capital, it’s clear that there is significant room for improvement.

Previous generations pioneered many of the opportunities women in business have today, and we’re in a position to continue to build on this progress for the next generation. Diversifying the entrepreneurial landscape to include more women, Black and Hispanic founders lends itself to new ways of thinking and innovating.

So, how do we ignite an ecosystem that recognizes women entrepreneurs early, helps open doors, funds them and puts the infrastructure in place to help more women win? Let’s take a look at lessons learned from my own professional and personal journeys.

Find entrepreneurs early and everywhere.

I grew up in Medellin, Colombia, watching my mother sew uniforms for local companies. She had the grit and unstoppable work ethic of an entrepreneur but not the educational background or opportunity to grow. Fortunately, I inherited her drive and benefited from her vision for me to attend college. But I also got something so few girls ever see: a real-life example of entrepreneurship.


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