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Hollywood Ushers in a New Golden Age – of the 50-Something Romcom Queen

Know who beat “The Batman” at the box office? Not an Avenger or an animated hero but Sandra Bullock.

Even more incredible: Bullock is 57. Her onscreen love interests in “The Lost City,” one of the few films to lure theatergoers back post-COVID, were Channing Tatum, 42, and Brad Pitt, 58.

Imagine that — pairing an AARP-eligible male heartthrob with an age-appropriate female costar. No small feat considering Pitt’s last onscreen love interest was Margaret Qualley, 25 years old when “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was released.

Bullock’s not alone. She’s part of a small yet strong cohort proving the viability of the 50-something romantic heroine: Jennifer Lopez, at 52, headlines two romcoms this year: “Marry Me,” and “Shotgun Wedding.”

Before you object, quality’s not important here — networks and cinemas and streamers are awash with middle-aged male mediocrity. The mere existence of these projects, starring women of a certain age, is the point.

Take Julia Roberts, at 54, starring with George Clooney in October’s “Ticket to Paradise” — another rare age-appropriate coupling.

It’s been a slow burn, but Hollywood is finally recognizing a trend corporate America long ago seized upon: The spending power of the 50-something woman. This is the largest demographic, according to a 2018 Forbes report, earning annual salaries of over $100,000.

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