Senate Confirmable Positions

Senate Process Instructions

While all available positions posted in our online database are appointed by the Governor, some also require the advice and consent of the state Senate. These positions are noted in our database along with their corresponding Senate committees.

Please see below for further instructions on applying for Senate confirmable positions.

  1. Review our online database to determine the boards and commissions for which you are best qualified.
  2. Once you have identified the boards or commissions you are interested in, check to see if they require Senate confirmation. Those boards and commissions that do require additional legislative confirmation will have a “confirming committee” noted in our database. 
  3. If you wish to pursue a position requiring Senate confirmation, please fill out our online application and specify the boards and commissions for which you wish to be considered.
  4. After reviewing your application to match you with suitable open positions, we will forward your resume to the Governor’s office for consideration. We will notify you if/when your application of interest is delivered to the Governor’s office.
  5. If Governor McMaster selects you for appointment to a seat that requires confirmation, his staff will contact you to start the process of putting together your confirmation paperwork. 
  6. In addition to background and credit checks, you will need to complete personal data and financial data questionnaires and provide five letters of recommendation. When providing letters of recommendation, consider which experts’ recommendations will wield the most influence with the committee. Generally they will be experts in your field, people with whom you share a mutual connection, or those who may command the committee’s attention. 
  7. Once you have been fully vetted by the Governor’s office, they will submit your information to the Senate for advice and consent.
  8. A sub-committee or committee hearing date will be set for you to answer any questions the Senate committee may have for you – sometimes more than one meeting is necessary.
  9. Prior to your meeting with the committee, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the committee members. Review the Senate website to determine which senators are members of the committee so you may review their legislative records, background, and personal activities.
  10. Draft an opening statement for the hearing stating your qualifications, dedication to the subject area, why you would like to be appointed, and what you hope to accomplish.
  11. Prepare for the hearing as you would a job interview. Consider your experience, accomplishments, recommendations, goals, and weaknesses and how best to address each when you are questioned. It is a good idea to rehearse with others who may help you plan for questions likely to be asked.
  12. After your hearing, the committee will vote whether to move you to the full Senate where each member will have the opportunity to vote.

Note: some positions require that the candidate be appointed by the Governor based on the recommendation of a particular legislative delegation. Such positions are also noted in our database under “confirming committee.” Please contact the legislative delegation directly to apply for these positions. SC WIL staff does not make recommendations to individual delegations, but we are happy to guide you through the process and provide assistance in how best to approach members and prepare for your hearing.


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