How it Works

If you are interested in serving on a statewide board or commission, please follow the instructions below. At any point in the process, you may contact us at gap@scwomenlead.net with questions or for guidance.

  1. If you would like to be appointed to a state board or commission, please begin by reviewing our online database to determine the boards and commissions for which you are best qualified. Consider your professional expertise, personal experiences, and passionate causes.
  2. Those boards and commissions that require additional Senate confirmation will have a “confirming committee” noted in our database. Learn more about applying for Senate confirmable positions here.
  3. Once you have identified the boards or commissions you are interested in, review the enabling legislation to learn more about the qualifications and responsibilities for each position.
  4. Please fill out our online application. If there are any particular boards and commissions you wish to be considered for, you may specify them on the application. You will need to submit your resume. We strongly recommend you include a cover letter as well to highlight qualifications, experience, and passion that may not be apparent from your resume.
  5. After reviewing your application to match you with suitable open positions, we will forward your resume to the Governor’s office for consideration. We will notify you if/when your application of interest is delivered to the Governor’s office.
  6. Please note, applications may not be reviewed by the Governor’s office immediately. Instead, boards are prioritized by need and applications are evaluated when the board(s) the applicant is recommended for come under focus. Due to the number of boards and commissions, this may mean that your application may not be reviewed for several months.
  7. Governor McMaster’s staff will review your application materials to determine if you meet the legal requirements for the recommended positions and are a good fit. 
  8. If they wish to proceed, the Governor’s staff will reach out to you to obtain any additional information they may need. It may be necessary to run a credit check and a SLED background check. They will call you if there are any irregularities to discuss. They do not wish to discount someone because of one moment in time. However, there are some disqualifying events, such as defaulting on a student loan. 
  9. Once you have been fully vetted, your information will be presented to the Governor for his consideration. If the Governor decides to appoint you, you will receive a phone call from his office. 
  10. If you are not appointed, you may still be considered for other positions in the future. We have created a database of qualified applicants that the Governor’s office can review at any time to find suitable candidates for any priority boards.

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