State Boards & Commissions

South Carolina has over 250 statewide boards and commissions. These boards and commissions provide important advisory, regulatory, and policy-making services as part of South Carolina’s government. Service on boards and commissions allows citizens the opportunity to improve the quality of life and positively impact the future of South Carolina.

Regulatory groups set licensing standards and professional requirements for members. Advisory groups provide guidance to the program or agency with which they are affiliated.
Why should I serve?

Serving on a board or commission is a significant and meaningful way to participate in civic life. As a member, you can share your expertise while directly participating in shaping your state. Most people choose to serve on boards and commissions as a means of using their skills, sharing diverse viewpoints, or serving the state.

What are the qualifications?
Qualifications vary from one board to another. Some require expertise in specific skills such as engineering, health care, or the environment while others seek candidates with broader experience. Each board presented within this database outlines both the qualifications and the governing legal authority which lends more information.

What is the appointment process?
Appointment processes vary by board and commission. Some positions are appointed directly by the Governor while others require either appointment or confirmation from the South Carolina Senate, usually through a specific committee. The best way to find out the process is to look at the specific board of commission in which you have interest.

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