Opportunities To Serve

So what are all those offices on the ballot? You may find the president, your senator, your member of Congress, or your governor. You may have the option to vote for a city or county council representative, a sheriff, a solicitor or other office.

But have you ever thought about who’s not on the ballot? There are many American leaders for whom you never cast a vote at all. You never vote for a military general. You don’t vote for a justice to the Supreme Court. And believe it or not, until the year 1913, you didn’t even vote for your own senator.

When the public comes together in an organized election to select a public official from a slate of candidates, we call the winner of that process an elected leader. However, some leaders can be selected without the direct participation of the public. These people can be picked by another leader or a body of other elected officials. Sometimes a vetting process, or a background check, is performed to see if that person is qualified to hold the office. If so, that person will be confirmed to that office. Someone who is selected by this method is an appointed leader.

But election is only one way of serving one’s community.






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