Your Vote Counts!

Your vote matters. Your vote is your voice. It’s as simple as that.

Voting is a vital way to hold politicians accountable, to tell them how you feel about their policies and performances. It is also a way to remove politicians from office when you are unhappy with their policies and performances. Real change can be brought about through your vote.

A single vote can make a difference. One vote confirmed the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. One vote elected Rutherford B. Hayes to the Presidency in 1876. One vote per precinct gave Harry Truman the presidency in 1948. One vote per precinct would have elected Richard Nixon, rather than John F. Kennedy, President in 1960. George W. Bush won the state of Florida by just 537 votes in 2000, making him President of the United States. Of the more than 120 million votes cast in the 2016 election, just 107,000 votes in three states (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) decided the Electoral College tally and thus handed the presidency to Donald Trump. Of the more than 159 million votes cast In the 2020 Presidential election, just 81,139 votes in four states (Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia) decided the Electoral College tally, making Joseph R. Biden, Jr. the new president.

Historically, voter turnout in the United States tends to be low, although in 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, there was a record turnout for the Presidential election as 66.7 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots in person or by mail and elected Joe Biden president.   And those who didn’t turn out?  “I felt like my voice didn’t matter,” the non-voters said. “Nothing ever gets done, anyway,” they said. Voting “doesn’t make much difference in my life,” they said. “I don’t trust the system,” they said, “and besides, all that gerrymandering makes my vote worthless.”

SC WIL is certainly concerned about gerrymandering and is working to provide information and opportunities about equitable redistricting and voting process and equipment improvement.

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