2020 Census numbers released in mid-August 2021 show South Carolina’s population grew by nearly 500,000 people since 2010, for a total population of 5.1 million in 2020 – a jump of 10.7%. The process of redrawing district lines based on these population changes are currently underway in South Carolina House and Senate committees.

Our choices in the voting booth over the next 10 years will depend on the district lines that are drawn by our legislators in 2021. SC WIL believes we should all have a say in the process that determines who represents us.   

Nuts & Bolts of Redistricting
Explore our series on the nuts and bolts of redistricting by Dr. John Rouff. The South Carolina veteran researcher and policy analyst explains the historical context of the Voting Rights Act, the difference between “packing” and “cracking,” and how all this relates to you. 

Why Do We Redistrict?
How do we draw the line?  
Where do we draw the line?

ACT NOW! for SC Redistricting 

The S.C. Senate and S.C. House have formed committees on redistricting and public hearings are underway. View public hearing schedules, review current district maps, learn how you can ACT NOW! to make your voice heard for S.C. redistricting. Read More


Dive deeply into the nitty-gritty of redistricting with our collection of articles, videos, podcasts, mapping tools, and more.

Q: What is apportionment and when did it occur?
A: In April, the Census Bureau reallocated the US House of Representatives seats between states. Certain states gained a seat, meaning that they have an additional vote in the US House of Representatives, while other states lost a seat. Texas is the only state to gain two seats.

Q: What is redistricting?
A: Redistricting is completed by the state legislature. State lawmakers the boundaries for everything from federal House Districts to local School Districts. 

Q: When will redistricting begin?
A: Technically, the Census Bureau will provide the local population counts from the 2020 Census to the states by mid August. Then, the state legislature will draw the boundaries with public input.

Q: How can I learn more about redistricting?
A: We have compiled resources for you:

  1. Check out our WIL Listen Podcast Miniseries on Redistricting
  2. Read the Nuts & Bolts of Redistricting
  3. Watch the LWV Good Governance Symposium on Redistricting

Q: How can I become more involved with redistricting?
A: Subscribe to WIL Voter Alerts and be prepared to contact your legislators.

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