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Q: What is apportionment and when did it occur?
A: In April, the Census Bureau reallocated the US House of Representatives seats between states. Certain states gained a seat, meaning that they have an additional vote in the US House of Representatives, while other states lost a seat. Texas is the only state to gain two seats.

Q: What is redistricting?
A: Redistricting is completed by the state legislature. State lawmakers the boundaries for everything from federal House Districts to local School Districts. 

Q: When will redistricting begin?
A: Technically, the Census Bureau will provide the local population counts from the 2020 Census to the states by mid August. Then, the state legislature will draw the boundaries with public input.

Q: How can I learn more about redistricting?
A: We have compiled resources for you:

  1. Check out our WIL Listen Podcast Miniseries on Redistricting
  2. Read the Nuts & Bolts of Redistricting
  3. Watch the LWV Good Governance Symposium on Redistricting

Q: How can I become more involved with redistricting?
A: Subscribe to WIL Voter Alerts and be prepared to contact your legislators.

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