Good Governance Symposium Series- Session II: Redistricting Reform

Watch the webinar on Redistricting hosted by the Charleston Chapter of the League of Women Voters …
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Nuts and Bolts of Redistricting

Explore our series by Dr. John Ruoff on redistricting …
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Explore our series by John Ruoff on redistricting:

  1. The Nuts and Bolts of Redistricting
  2. Why do we Redistrict?
  3. Mechanics of Redistricting
  4. How do we Draw the Line?
  5. Where do We Draw the Line?
  6. How did we get so Gerrymandered?
  7. The Voting Rights Act: Tool or Weapon?
  8. Redistricting: Limitations and Representation
  9. Incumbency Protection
  10. Racial Gerrymandering – Bridging the Gap 
  11. Packing and Cracking Districts
  12. The Battle over Partisan Gerrymandering

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