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Thank you for attending public hearings, reaching out to your representatives, and making your voice heard in the redistricting process. There is still time to contact your legislators concerning the seven Congressional seats which will be voted sometime in early January 2022.

View the Maps

Official Legislative District Maps through 2030
S.C. Senate
S.C. House 

Congressional District Map
***S.C. General Assembly will vote on proposed Congressional maps in January 2022***

View Current Congressional Map
View Proposed Senate Draft
View Proposed House Draft | Proposed House Draft Alternative 1

What do you notice about your district’s shape? Which communities are included in which district? How are county, municipal, and geographic boundaries considered? Which communities are split and which remain intact?

TIP: Use these links to zoom in and out of your district for more detail. Open both the Proposed Draft and Current map files in separate windows to compare them side by side.

Find Your Representatives

Find out who will represent you in the vote for or against proposed maps. The staff for your legislators keep a tally of constituent contacts. You have the power to influence their vote by calling and/or writing. Emails are not the most effective; phone calls, texts, and postcards have the greatest impact. Look for you legislators’ mobile phone numbers on the contact list.

Find Your Legislators
Legislative Contacts

Contact Your Representative

Use our sample scripts, but give your phone calls and letters a personal touch with specific community input–whether it’s to question a new district or commend the committee for a job well done.

Redistricting Quick Guide
Sample Scripts

Amplify Your Message

You can amplify your message by sharing your concerns on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Social media is a great way to bring attention to this important vote. And if your representatives have been responsive to community concerns, thank them!  #WeAreWatching 

Social Media Tips


Read About the American Civil Liberties Union Federal Lawsuit

After holding public hearings in the summer and early fall of 2021, the South Carolina General Assembly had planned to postpone its redistricting process until legislators reconvene in January 2022; however, on Tuesday, Oct 12th, the ACLU of South Carolina filed a lawsuit against several key players, stating the delay will make it impossible for candidates and voters to have an accurate understanding of their districts in time for March filing dates. Read all about the case here.

Public Hearing Archives

Link to the S.C. House Redistricting 2021 website
Link to the S.C. Senate Redistricting 2021 website.


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