Act Now for S.C. Redistricting

The South Carolina redistricting process is underway and the window of opportunity to voice your concerns is very short. SC WIL is here to help you stay informed so you can let your legislators know that redistricting is important to you. Read More

Meetings & Maps
The S.C. Senate and S.C. House have formed committees on redistricting and public hearings are underway. The way these committees draw the district lines will determine who represents you for the next 10 years from the federal down to the state and local levels.

The S.C. House Redistricting Committee has scheduled public hearings across the state. We urge all voters to participate by attending the meeting in your area and by sharing this information with your network.
See S.C. House hearing schedule and view the current S.C. House district map here.
Link to the S.C. House Redistricting 2021 website.

The S.C. Senate Redistricting Committee met on July 20th, 2021 and held 10 events around the state to hear public questions and concerns about the mapping process in late July and early August.
Watch archival footage of the Senate Redistricting Subcommittee Meeting that took place on July 20th here. 
Watch replays of the S.C. Senate public hearings and view current S.C. Senate district maps here.
Link to the S.C. Senate Redistricting 2021 website. 

Redistricting Toolkit

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