Dynamic Voting Guide

Voting in South Carolina is anything but predictable. Whether through legislation or adjudication, the requirements for voting continue to change. For that reason, we’ve created a Dynamic Voting Guide that is updated and shared as decisions are made and voting locations change. 

  • If you choose to vote “Straight ticket” and then choose a specific person from the ballot, they will be deleted from your ballot and not receive your vote. For example, if you choose “Democrat” under “Straight Ticket” and then choose “Jane Doe, Democrat” under “US Senate”, you will have deleted your vote for “Jane Doe”.
  • For in person, double check your printed ballot before you place it in the scanner.
  • For mail in ballots, you must have a Witness sign and include their address on the outside of the return envelope.

Recommendations for in person voters:

  • Check your location on the day of your election because they may change.
  • Be prepared for long lines
  • Wear a mask
  • Bring your own pen
  • Use a cotton swab or other disposable item to make touchless voting selections
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands after voting


Vote by mail
Step 1. Apply 

Step 2. Complete your application

  • You must mail or drop off your application at your County Voter Registration Office
  • An Authorized Returnee acting on behalf of a voter (as of 9/21/2020)
  • The deadline to return your application is 5 PM October 24, 2020

Step 3. Vote using your absentee ballot

  • You will receive your absentee ballot in the mail
  • Fill out the ballot
  • Place the ballot in the “ballot herein” envelope
  • Place the “ballot herein” envelope in the return envelope  
  • Sign the Voter’s Oath and have someone else sign the envelope and write their signature at the Witness Signature location on the back of the return envelope. Without both signatures and the Witness’ address, the ballot will be rejected.
  • Mail your ballot ASAP or return it in person to your County Voter Registration Office
  • The ballot must be received by 7 PM on Election Day (November 3, 2020)

Anyone can be a Witness – a friend, spouse, child and that person can witness multiple ballots.

An Authorized Returnee acting on behalf of a voter may return the ballot by 7:00 PM on Election Day with a completed Authorization to Return Absentee Ballot form (included in the Absentee Ballot packet). Please take care to authorize someone who you know and trust to return your ballot.

The South Carolina State Elections Commission will provide prepaid return envelopes for all mailed absentee ballots.

Vote in person before Election Day

Step 1. Visit your County Voter Registration Office or Extension Office between October 5 and November 2

  • If the Extension Office link from SCvotes does not work, please see this Google Spreadsheet for easier access.

Step 2. Complete the application

Step 3. Cast your ballot at the office

Applied to vote by mail but didn’t receive your ballot or prefer to vote in person?
  1. When you receive your mail ballot, mark your mail absentee ballot “Return to sender” OR
  2. Take it in person to the County Voter Registration Office or Extension Office
  3. Vote in person either before or on Election Day 

Step 1. Bring a Photo ID

Step 2. Find your voting location

Step 3. Visit your location between 7 AM and 7 PM on Election Day to cast your ballot

  • All registered voters may now vote absentee either through the mail or in person under the “State of Emergency” reason
  • In person absentee voting starts no later than October 5, 2020. Find your voting location at County Voter Registration Office
  • The US Supreme Court has ruled that Witness Signatures are required on the Absentee Ballots. Please be sure to have someone sign your ballot as a Witness.
If you see something or someone creating obstacles to voting, report it to 866-OUR-VOTE and on the SeeSay2020.com survey.

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