Dr. Dee Bell-Williams

Dr. Dee Bell-Williams is a global educational consultant, bestselling and award-winning author, world-class speaker, and transformational leader.

She is the CEO & Founder of Dr. Dee Unlimited Education Consulting & Co is global education consulting firm that focuses on coaching and cultivating transformational leaders in schools, businesses, and community organizations. As the pioneering creator of the Culture-Focused Teaching method, Dr. Dee provides professional and leadership development training that assists business and organizations with creating a workplace framework centered on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion with a specific emphasis on liberation education for K-12 educators and businesses who serve African-American communities.

Dr. Dee is the pioneering creator of the Culture-Focused Teaching System (CFT), a research-proven methodology that helps to retain educators in the classroom by helping them build relationships with the students and families that they serve. Her book, Culture-Focused Teaching: A Simple System To Escape Classroom Management Disaster and Fall in Love With Teaching Again.

Dr. Dee has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean training on CFT and has enrolled numerous educators in her online education & leadership courses.

Dr. Dee is an active member of SC Emerge, Emerge America, The Talented Tenth, 2022 the Junior League of Columbia, and currently serves as a board member for the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council. In 2020, Dr. Dee was named amongst the Top 20 under 40 SC Leaders by the Thomas Group in the SC Black Pages Magazine. She was the Fall 2020 HBCU Magazine Alumni Spotlight where she also serves as a brand ambassador for the company.

Dr. Dee is the owner of the Unlimited Edition TM T-shirt brand. A brand for the entire family and her message is simple, “You were born to be Unlimited!”

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